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Cape Cod

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Coconut Lemongrass

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Customer Reviews


"The scents of these candles are amazing...."

-Melissa M.

"Friendly service...great smelling candles!"

-Sha B.

"I can't stress enough how amazing these candles are. I love mine so much, I can't wait to get more."

-Melissa B.

"...they keep their fragrance till the end and burn clean."

-Terry B.

"These are the only candles I ever buy!!! And they make excellent gifts!..."

-Lori M.

Hand Poured

hand poured

Featured Scent

Spiced Cranberries























A crisp and delicious fragrance, just like freshly picked apples.


Large Status Gel Candle

Large 21oz. Status Gel Candle

Burns approx. 180-190hrs.







Medium Status Gel Candle

Medium 12oz. Status Gel Candle

Burns approx. 100-110hrs.







Small Status Gel Candle

Small 8oz. Status Gel Candle

Burns approx. 60-70hrs.
















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