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Wicked Scentual Candles is the result of a lifelong passion for candles, mixed with almost 10 years of candle making experience. The gel candles we hand craft rival any "name brand" candles we have ever experienced, because while they smell just as strong, our candles burn longer, burn cleaner and are less expensive!!

Intensely scented gel candles from Wicked Scentual Candles are made from the best materials available, and we take pride in each and every candle we pour. Our candles burn longer than traditional wax or soy candles, while producing much less smoke and soot. Wicked Scentual Candles come in bold, translucent colors, making them not only beautiful to look at, but also up to 40% brighter. These gel candles burn evenly and have self-trimming wicks, making them virtually maintenance free. And Wicked Scentual Candles contain the highest percentage of fragrance possible so your whole home can be filled with your favorite scent.

Wicked Scentual Candles produces boutique quality candles
...at a fraction of the cost!

Our Current Fragrance List

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Wicked Scentual
Seasonal Aromas
From the Kitchen
Frankincense and Myrrh
Pumpkin Bread
Winter Candy Apple
Fresh & Clean
Earthen Scents
Fantastic Florals
After the Rain
China Rain
Victoria's Secret
Endless Love
Love Spell
Pure Seduction

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